Safe Combination Blown; $350 Stolen

Camden Evening Courier – September 18, 1928

Three Offices on Haddon Ave. Entered; Flannery Shooting Angle Seen

Theft of $350 from a safe in one of three offices on Haddon avenue, broken into by robbers last night, led police to believe that possibly the shooting of Joseph “Mose” Flannery might have been the aftermath of a “split-up” of the loot.

The robbery and the two breaks were revealed by the police while they were engaged in the investigation of the Flannery shooting.

While it was admitted that there was no evidence pointing to the theft and the shooting having been committed by the same person or persons, “it is a theory we’re investigating,” a detective announced.

Police figured that Flannery might have been implicated with the robbery and was shot after he had quarreled with accomplices over the “whacking up” of the loot, or possibly that the wounded political worker might have entered the saloon near Front street and Kaighn avenue, seen the robber gang dividing their spoils, and demanded a “cut.”

The money was stolen after the combination had been blown off a safe in the office of Eggio Brothers, automobile dealers, of 1125 Haddon avenue. Entrance had been gained by forcing a rear window. The theft of the $350 was discovered when the place was opened at 7:30a.m. today. Papers had been pulled from the safe and the office generally ransacked.

Using a skeleton key, thieves forced their way into the office of Evaul & Ingraham, also automobile agents, at 1400 Haddon avenue. They broke open a filing cabinet but stole nothing. The office was ransacked.

Smashing glass in a side window of the office of Evaul Brothers, 1388 Haddon avenue, the robber band entered the place but again went away empty handed. The place was ransacked.

Detective Frank Truax was investigating the breaks.


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