Haddon Avenue

Southwest Corner of Haddon Avenue & Federal Street, circa 1905

Haddon Avenue is a historic road in Camden County, New Jersey that has played an important role in the region’s development since at least 1792. The road is named after Elizabeth Haddon, who established a settlement in the late 1600’s that would become the town of Haddonfield. Today, Haddon Avenue is a major commercial and residential thoroughfare that spans approximately 7 miles and runs through several municipalities, including Camden, Collingswood, and Haddonfield.

Originally a bridle path and later used by the Hessians during the Revolutionary War, Haddon Avenue was graveled in the early 1820s. In 1839, the Haddonfield & Camden Turnpike Company was incorporated, and Haddon Avenue was funded by stock sales and later tolls. Tollgates were located approximately at Euclid Avenue in Camden (where Lady of Lourdes Hospital is today) and on the southwest corner of Crystal Lake and Haddon Avenue in Haddon Township. The road was finished in 1847 and remained a toll road for many years.

Today, Haddon Avenue is home to a wide variety of businesses and amenities, including shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. It is also a major transportation hub, with several NJ Transit bus routes running along its length and access to the PATCO Speedline in downtown Camden and the Collingswood station. In recent years, efforts have been made to improve the safety and walkability of the road, with new traffic signals, crosswalks, and bike lanes, as well as public art and beautification projects. Haddon Avenue continues to be a vibrant and important part of the Camden County community.

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