Sixteen Appointed to Fire Department

Camden Evening Courier – December 3, 1904

On account of the illness of its chairman, Dr. Frank Neall Robinson, the fire committee of City Council last night met at Dr. Robinson’s residence, 518 Linden street. The principal object of the meeting was to recommend names for additional appointments in the Fire Department.

Among the sixteen fortunate ones were Rollo Jones and Charles Cook, of the First ward; James White and Harry Anderson, Second ward; Ephraim Davis, Tenth ward; Samuel Sheer and B. Finley, Third ward; Martin Carrigan, Fourth ward; Joseph Daly, Fifth ward; Joseph Ernest, Sixth ward; Willlam Buzine, Seventh ward; William Munson, Charles Sturgis, Eighth ward; William Whitzell, Ninth ward; Joseph Till, Jr, East Camden.

William Miller Eighth ward; John H. Vickers and F. Morse, Twelfth ward.

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