St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Officers Elected

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 16, 1884

In St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Camden, the following officers were elected: Wardens — Abraham Browning, Marmaduke B. Taylor, Vestrymen — Maurice Browning, William E. Lafferty, Samuel H. Grey, Edward R. Shubrick, Jesse W. Starr, Joseph Fearon, William J. Sewell, H. Genet Taylor, James H. Carpenter, Henry C. Alexander, Robert F. S. Heath, Wilson H. Jenkins, Nathan F. Cowan, Harry Humphreys, E. H. King. Deputies to Diocesan Convention — Abraham Browning, Marmaduke B. Taylor, Edward R. Shubrick. Alternate Deputies to Convention — H. Genet Taylor, Robert F. S. Heath, Henry C. Alexander. Lay Delegate to Burlington Convocation — Joseph Fearon.

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