W.P.A.’s Economy of Increasing Wages

Camden Courier-Post – February 11, 1936

To the Editor:

Sir – I recently read in your paper that W.P.A. had gone in for economy and that 17 admitted efficient employees had been dismissed. and in the same paper a few days later that Marie Kelley, office manager, had received $25 per month increase in salary.

Also that replacements for some of the dismissed employees had been made at an increased salary.

However. the general public is supposed to consider this an economy move. It is, however, typical of economy move by the Hyland, Marvel and Kelley faction of the Democratic organization.

The public is supposed to be incapable of using their own judgment in matters of this kind, and are only the football to be kicked around by politicians of this type, and of course to also pay the bill.


316 Royden Street,



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