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JOSEPH ARBANO was born in New York on August 11, 1895 to Domenic and Amerosa Arbano. Domenic Arbano had come to America in 1885 with his oldest son, James, in 1885. By 1917 the family had moved to 203 Royden Street in Camden NJ. When he registered for the draft on June 5, 1917, Joseph Abarno was working as a laborer at the Joseph Campbell Company, better known as Campbell Soup, in Camden. Joseph Arbano served in America’s military during World War I, as did his brother Tony.

The Arbano family had move to 419 Beckett Street by January of 1920. Domenic Arbano was working as a laborer at one of Camden’s many shipyards, while both Joseph and older brother Tony were employed as riggers, also in Camden shipyards. Younger brother Frank, only 16, was working as a stamper as a morocco leather factory, while youngest brother Rocco, only 13, was still in school.

When the Census was taken in 1930, Rose Arbano had passed. Joseph Arbano was living with his brother Tony Arbano, who had had married, and lived in a rented home at 316 Royden Street with his wife Mildred and their children Anna, Josephine, and Anthony. Also at home were father Domenic, and older brother James Arbano. Joseph Arbano was then working as a laborer at the Victor Talking Machine Company plant in Camden. His brothers also worked as laborers, Tony for either the County of City park system, and James for a road construction company.

Joseph Arbano was still living on Royden Street in February of 1936. He is listed in the 1940 Camden City Directory at 567 Mickle Street. Joseph Arbano had moved to 9 Haddon Avenue by April of 1942, when he registered for the draft. The family had left Camden by 1947, and are not listed in the Camden City Directory for that year.

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