Zuni Installs 1951 Officers

Camden Courier-Post – December 29, 1950

The Zuni Athletic Association recently installed their officers for 1951, with Frank A. DiRenzo presiding.

Other officers installed were Peter A. Barbalace, vice president; Anthony A. Darpino, secretary-treasurer; Joseph Palermo, financial treasurer, and Angelo Levecchia, sergeant-at-arms.

Founders of the organization were Peter Baralace, Pat Barbalace, Albert Aceto, John LaPlaca and Jack O’Neil. Gene R. Mariano, former prosecutor, is honorary president.

The honorary membership includes Rev. Michael Argullo, Commissioner Frank A. Abbott, Mariano, Judge John R. DiMona, Joseph P. DeLuca, Anthony F. Marino, Angelo A. DePersia, Dr. Lawrence Palese, Mike & Joe Greenetz, William Denof Sr., Louis Bantivoglio, John Bantivoglio, Pat DiSimone, Samuel E Fulton, Joseph Macciocca, Albert Aceto, Leonard Garaguso, Joseph Wood, and Al Seri.

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