Charles Hunt

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Charles Hunt was born on March 29, 1900.

Charles, also known as ‘Chick’ Hunt, registered for the draft on September 12, 1918. He was then living with his mother, Mrs. Amelia Smith, at the foot of Jackson Street near Ferry Avenue in Camden’s Eighth Ward, and working as a wharf builder. When the Census was taken in January of 1920, he had married and was living with his wife Lavina in one of the many houses at the foot of Jasper Street, the area known as Liney Ditch. He was still working as a wharf builder, but around this time was also doing some professional boxing. Chick Hunt’s younger brother George, then 14, was living with him, as was a boarder, Thomas Reed, who worked as a ship’s cook.

By 1924 Chick and Livina Hunt seem to have parted company. The City Directory for that year and the 1927 Camden City Directory show him working as a machinist and living at 1901 Broadway. Accounts of the day state that he was somewhat of a ladies man, and it is possible that his activities led to the shooting of Joseph Cimini at the Sixth Ward Republican Club on Broadway in January of 1928. Things apparently got a bit to “hot” in Camden for Chick Hunt after this, and he appears to have left Camden for awhile. He is not listed in the 1929 City Directory or the 1930 Census in Camden.

By December of 1945 Chick Hunt had returned to Camden. He was still engaged in some extra-curricular activity, which led to his arrest in November of 1945 and indictment on December 1st of that year in Gloucester County.

Chick Hunt died in April of 1970. According to the Social Security Death Index he was still living in Camden at that time.

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