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Paul A. Kind

Paul Adolf Kind was born in Bohemia, the son of Maurice and Hermine (Fischl). His father was one of the founders and officials of Kind and Knox.

Roy R Stewart - 1928-04-04
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Roy R. Stewart

Roy Stewart was Camden Mayor, envisioning the high speed line (now PATCO) across the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the Housing Authority, and Westfield Acres.

Ethan P. Wescott
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Ethan P. Wescott

Ethan P. Wescott (1883-1954) was a lawyer in New Jersey, following in his father’s footsteps. Active in fraternal organizations, he had a successful legal career and later ventured into the dairy business. Buried in Camden, NJ.

Charles A. Wolverton - 1926
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Charles A. Wolverton

Charles Wolverton (1880-1969) was a New Jersey lawyer and politician who served 16 terms in Congress, chairing the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce.

Garfield S Pancoast - 1933-05-12
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Garfield S. Pancoast

Garfield Pancoast practiced law in the Camden area, and by January of 1920 was serving as a Judge in Camden, a post he held into the 1930’s.

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V. McClellan Fulton

V. McCLELLAN FULTON was born in Maryland around 1884. He had his first Studebaker dealership in 1909, and married at the age of 27. Known as “Mac” Fulton, he operated a Studebaker automobile agency in Camden for at least 30 years.

Eagles Hall circa 1914
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Eagles Hall

Eagles Hall was a building built by the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie No 65, in 1908. The building was later used by various groups until a fire in 1968.

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Crippled Children’s Party Tomorrow

Erial Fire Company will pick up the children for a ride to the Nike Missile Base in Erial, then onto Clementon Lake Park. Following dinner in the Chick Barn at Silver Lake Inn, the youngsters will return to the Elks’ Home.

E George Aaron Dead
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E. George Aaron, Ex-Camden Aide, Attorney, Is Dead

Camden Courier-Post – May 13, 1960 Public Safety Director for Nine Years E. George Aaron, former public…

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Henry Magin Laid to Rest by War Veteran Buddies

Funeral services for City Commissioner Henry Magin were held today with his colleagues in official and veterans circles participating.

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Jobless Son Kills Jake Schiller Wo Saves Boys Wife From Gun

A few hours after William Schiller killed his fater, his wife whom he had also tried to shoot, was found wandering through the city street, in all hysterical condition.

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Elks to Observe Flag Day Tonight

Arrangements are completed for the Flag Day celebration to be held tonight by the Camden Elks Lodge Lodge at Seventh and Cooper Streets.