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ISAAC ANDERSON was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 6, 1872 to serve as Driver with Engine Company 2. His brother John Anderson was appointed to Engine Company 2 on February 8, 1873 as driver. Both men were dismissed when stoker Henry Grosscup and driver George Leibecke were reappointed on April 8, 1873.

The Anderson brothers had been living at 34 North 5th Street during their time in service with the Fire Department. Isaac Anderson had worked as a teamster, John Anderson had been working on a farm, according to Fire Department records.

Isaac and John Anderson appear to be the sons of Isaac and Margaret Anderson, who were living in Camden’s North Ward as early as September of 1849, when John Anderson was born. The Andersons had come to Camden shortly before the birth of after the birth of Isaac, in Pennsylvania in May of 1847. The family was still living in Camden’s North Ward in 1860. That year’s census lists the following children at home, James, 17; Isaac 13; John, 10; and Margaret, 4; another daughter, Sarah Jane, had passed away during the 1850s. When the Census was taken in 1860 the Anderson’s lived two doors away from lawyer Abraham Browning.

The 1870 Census indicated that Isaac Anderson had gone out into the world. He was then boarding at the home of George Mapes, an engineer on one of the ferry boats that plied the river between Camden and Philadelphia, and was working selling charcoal. Where John Anderson was at the time of the 1870 Census is not clear. Fire Department records indicate that they were both living at 34 North 5th Street in late 1872 and early 1873.

After leaving the Fire Department, Isaac Anderson went to work for the Pennsylvania Railroad as a brakeman. He was terribly injured in October of 1873, but returned to his job once recovered. Isaac Anderson was living on Cole Street when on April 8, 1877 he was reappointed to the Camden Fire Department to serve as driver for Engine Company 2, taking the place of Jacob Kellum. Isaac Anderson served in this capacity for one year, and was replaced upon Jacob Kellum’s reappointment to the Fire Department

The 1900 Census lists as Isaac Anderson, born in 1847 and working as a stable boss, at 1023 Penn Street, with a wife, Sarah, and three children, John, Edward, and Bessie. He is listed at 1015 Penn Street in the 1906 Directory, and at 827 Penn Street in 1911. His widow, Sarah, is listed in the the 1912 Camden City Directory at 620 Linwood Street in North Camden.

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