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  • Samuel S. Elfreth

    Samuel S. Elfreth

    Samuel S. Elfreth came into the world on August 13, 1845, born at 109 North 2nd Street in Camden, NJ, into the family of Samuel D. and Martha Elfreth. Positioned as the middle son between Jeremiah and Charles Elfreth, his father’s thriving blacksmithing business in Camden and volunteer role with the Perseverance Fire Company in…

  • Samuel M. Subers

    SAMUEL SUBERS was appointed to the Camden Fire Department at some point not long after November 12, 1874 as a replacement for Alfred S. Ivins as an extra man with Engine Company 1. He served until April of 1876, when incoming Chief of the department Claudius Bradshaw made wholesale personnel changes within the department. He…

  • Camden’s Mayors

    Camden’s Mayors

    A compiled list of Camden City Mayors from 1828-2021