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  • Alfred Cramer Elementary School

    Alfred Cramer Elementary School

    2800 Mickle Street, Camden, NJ In 1913, the Eastside Elementary School was built in the 2800 block of Mickle Street during the administration of Mayor Charles H. Ellis. At this time, Camden’s longtime Superintendent of Schools, Dr. James E. Bryan, oversaw the construction of many new schools in Camden. As East Camden’s population grew and…

  • William J. Sewell School

    William J. Sewell School

    700 North Seventh Street Northeast Corner of North 7th & Vine Streets The William Joyce Sewell School was built as an outcome of a July 1902 decision of the Camden Board of Education that a new school, designed by architect Arnold H. Moses, be built on the northeast corner of North 7th and Vine Streets,…

  • Cramer Street

    Cramer Street derives its name from Alfred Cramer, a visionary real estate developer. His innovative concept of selling building lots on a monthly installment plan led to the successful sale of over 5000 lots in Cramer Hill and East Camden by 1897. In addition to Cramer Street, both the Alfred Cramer Elementary School and the…

  • Howard Unruh

    Howard Unruh

    While Unruh has been commonly referred to as America’s first mass shooter, this could be a misnomer. In fact, several similar incidents had occurred before, including a shooting in Chester, Pennsylvania in November of 1948, less than 24 miles away and just 10 months prior, in which a sniper killed seven people before taking his…

  • James E. Bryan

    James E. Bryan

    Dr. James Edmund Bryan, born on September 9, 1869, in Maryland, was the son of Reverend James Edmund Bryan and Anna Virginia Smith Bryan. He obtained his degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland in 1890. After graduating, he embarked on a career in education, working as a teacher and principal in Michigan and…

  • Mickle Street

    Mickle Street

    Mickle Street was named after John W. Mickle, a prominent figure in both local and State affairs in the 1840’s and 1850’s. He was one of the organizers and a shareholder for many years in the Federal Street Ferry, and had a large stake in the Camden and Amboy Railroad. More recently, Mickle Street can…

  • East Camden

    East Camden

    Originally a part of Stockton Township, the area that is now known as East Camden was merged into Camden proper in 1899 along with the neighborhood now known as Cramer Hill. It included the villages of Wrightsville, Stockton, and Rosedale, which lay along Federal Street. The area was served by the Pavonia Railroad Station, located…



    Camden Courier-Post – February 1, 1938 The Camden Board of Education last night approved transfers of 14 teachers, the appointment of two new instructors and the retirement on pension of two others.