Cramer Street

Cramer Street derives its name from Alfred Cramer, a visionary real estate developer. His innovative concept of selling building lots on a monthly installment plan led to the successful sale of over 5000 lots in Cramer Hill and East Camden by 1897. In addition to Cramer Street, both the Alfred Cramer Elementary School and the Cramer Hill neighborhood are named in his honor.


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  • George B. Anderson

    George B. Anderson

    GEORGE B. ANDERSON was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on September 18, 1872 as a replacement extra man with Engine Company 2. He took the place of William S. Davis, who had been promoted to Engineer. He resigned on April 20, 1874 after having been appointed to the Police Department from Camden’s Fourth Ward.

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  • Arthur Allen

    ARTHUR ALLEN was born in 1894 in New Gretna,NJ. While serving with the United States Army in France during World War I, he volunteered to serve in America’s first tank unit, where he rose to the rank of sergeant, under the command of George D. Patton, who went on to fame during World War II.

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  • Harry J. Allebach

    Harry J. Allebach

    HARRY J. ALLEBACH was born in Norristown PA on November 24, 1897. He married Consuelo Elverson around 1917. When the 1920 Census was taken he was living at 2913 High Street in East Camden with his wife and daughter Frances at the home of his widowed mother-in-law. Harry J. Allebach was then working as an…

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    William E. Albert

    here, and came to Camden around 1865. When the Census was taken in 1870, Ernest Albert was keeping a hotel, a term then also to refer to a bar or saloon, at 619 North Front Street in North Camden. By 1880 the family also included older siblings Charles, Pauline, and Yetta, and younger siblings Harry,…

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  • Camden County Prosecutor’s Office

    Camden County Prosecutor’s Office

    Camden County Prosecutor Vincent P. Sarubbi announced that bail was set today at $1 million for Binh Thach, charged with two counts of Murder and one count of Attempted Murder.

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  • Camden Man Charged With Pair of Murders

    Camden Man Charged With Pair of Murders

    A 40-year-old city man surrendered to police and was charged Tuesday in an East Camden shooting that left two men dead and a woman critically injured.

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