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George B. Anderson

GEORGE B. ANDERSON was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on September 18, 1872 as a replacement extra man with Engine Company 2. He took the place of William S. Davis, who had been promoted to Engineer. He resigned on April 20, 1874 after having been appointed to the Police Department from Camden’s Fourth Ward.

Intersection Crash According to police, the fire apparatus, operated by James Clinton, was traveling north on 2nd st. and collided at the intersection with the tractor-trailer, driven by James FE. Tarburton Jr, 32. of St. John's dr, Wilmington, Dela. The impact of the crash tossed the firemen off the ear step of the fire truck, which was forced over a curb and along a sidewalk for about 35 feet. The vehicle sideswiped two parked ears and knocked down a parking meter. Tarburton was charged with failure to yield the right of way to a fire apparatus. The false alarm was turned in from a box at Poynt and Erie sts.
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Four Firemen Suffer Hurts In Collision

Four Camden firemen were among persons injursd over the weekend in motor vehicle accidents on South Jersey roads.

The firemen were injured when their engine collided with a tractor-trailer at 2nd and Market sts. Saturday about 4.30 p.m. while they were on their way to answer an alarm which was false.

Admitted to Cooper Hospital with arm, hip and knee injuries was Orville Goldsboro, 33, of 1730 8. – Sth ee

Released after treatment were August Johnson, 39. of 91642 Chestnut st, who suffered-multi-
ple bruises; Reginald Laws, 36, of 1453 Bradley ave., chest and back injuries, and Capt. Raymond Amos, 52, of 825 Washington st., leg injuries.

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Boy Sees Accident, Asks Traffic Light

Petitions for highway safety measures or improvements usually come from adult individuals or organizations. But there is an 11 year old boy in North Camden changing that.