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  • East Side Notes

    East Side Notes

    Camden Post-Telegram – September 12, 1904 Firemen “Bobby” Gick, Scott, Franklin, Israel Adams, and William Randall and Adam Hinkle, who went on a fishing trip down the bay to Ship John Light, on board the sloop yacht, William B. Hill, have returned with a good coat of tan and plenty of the denizens of the…

  • Firemen Own Stockton

    Firemen Own Stockton

    Philadelphia Inquirer – November 26, 1897 Gallant Laddies Celebrated Thanksgiving With a Parade Representative firemen from New Jersey and Pennsylvania owned the Town of Stockton yesterday and the Knights of the Golden Eagle joined them in the annual Thanksgiving demonstration of the Volunteer Fire Department of the town. To the merry jingle of hose carriage…