Camden High School

C-10 Camden High School, Camden, NJ.

1700 Park Boulevard, Camden, NJ

Northwest Corner of Park Boulevard and Baird Boulevard

Camden High School first welcomed students in 1918, occupying the intersection of Park Boulevard and Baird Avenue, a parcel of land originally within the bounds of Forest Hill Park, later renamed Farnham Park in 1927. The swift rise in population drove the necessity for this new educational institution, which took the place of the former Camden Manual Training and High School located at Haddon and Newton Avenues, a school that had been established less than two decades prior. The growth of Camden persisted during the 1920s and early 1930s. In June of 1933, due to overcrowding, Camden converted Woodrow Wilson Junior High School into a full-fledged high school.

Camden High School boasts a rich and illustrious history, with numerous alumni embarking on careers in public service within the city. Additionally, many have achieved remarkable success in various fields, including business, sports, and the arts.

The architectural blueprint for the school was crafted by the skilled hands of architects Arthur Truscott and Paul Armon Davis III. Arthur Truscott had previously left his mark on Camden by designing structures like the Broadway School situated at the junction of Broadway and Clinton Streets and the Security Trust Building located at 301 Market Street. Truscott’s creative touch had also graced several homes along Cooper Street.


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  • Camden High School

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    Camden High School boasts a rich and illustrious history, with numerous alumni embarking on careers in public service within the city.

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