Joe Acquaro Anecdote

My father, Biagio Acquaro, had a self-owned business at 2713 Federal Street in East Camden, from the 1940’s through the late 1960’s. His establishment was called “Federal Hat Cleaning.” My Dad would clean and block felt hats for people located all over the tri-county area. Even people from Philadelphia would come over and take advantage of his expertise.

I played varsity baseball for Woodrow Wilson HS back in 1952-1954 and what I recall most was my Dad cleaning and blocking the baseball caps of the teams from Camden High, Camden Catholic and of course Woodrow Wilson High School. The caps would be lined up so neatly on the shelves waiting for pickup. In those days the players had to turn their uniforms back in after the season was over. My Dad did the caps, but don’t know where the uniforms were cleaned, probably Lynch’s Cleaners.

Joe Acquaro, September 1, 2004


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