12 Arrests Halt Bogus Money Flow

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Camden Courier-Post – August 16, 1933

South Jersey Police Believe Majority of Those in “Ring” Are in Jail

Flooding of South Jersey with counterfeit money was believed by police to be effectively stopped yesterday with a total of 12 suspects now held for prosecution.

Six men, all of Philadelphia, arraigned yesterday before Police Judge Garfield Pancoast, were held in ball of $1000 each for possession of a spurious $10 note which one of their number tried to pass at a Camden gasoline station last week.

Two men were held by U. S. authorities in Atlantic City on Monday for allegedly passing counterfeit half dollars, and three men and one woman, all of Philadelphia, are to be arraigned here today before U. S. Commissioner Wynn Armstrong. Two of the latter four were arrested in Philadelphia Monday, and two at Somerdale on Saturday.

The six men held here had been in jail for a week pending yesterday’s hearing. They were held for the grand jury.

Two of them, Edward Duncan, 36; of 805 South Sheridan street, and James Wilson, 33, of 2023 West Norris street, have, confessed to City Detective Frank Crawford and Department of Justice agents that they purchased $100 worth of bogus money for $30 from a man in Philadelphia, Crawford testified.

Duncan and Wilson told the agents the name of this man and he is now being sought. Agents believe his capture would provide an important step in their crusade to stem the flood of false money in South Jersey.

When they were arrested they declared they had received the $10 bill as a payoff for hitting the “numbers.” They tried to pass the money at a gas station at Haddon Avenue and Sycamore Street owned by Samuel Goldberg last Tuesday, Crawford testified.

The detective stated that the agent did not “want” the other four prisoners arrested with Wilson and Duncan. But Judge Pancoast refused to release them, naming the same amount of bail for them and saying that the prosecutor’s office would take over the matter.

The latter four gave their names as Aaron Howell, 46, of 2008 North Twenty-first Street; Samuel Coles, 38, of 1936 North Twenty-second Street; Fletcher Hammond, 28, of 2007 Merville Street, and Frank Henderson, 47, of 2021 North Lambert Street.


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