Bandits Rip Off Trousers And Take Worker’s $500 Cash

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Trio Attacks Man on Way to Shipyard and Menaces Barber Who Goes to Aid With Revolver; Hurl Torn Garment in Victim’s Face

After holding him up and tearing off his trousers completely from his legs three bandits robbed Adam Wallace, 61, of 1021 South Second Street, of $500 at 7:00 a.m. yesterday.

A South Camden barber who at tempted to assist the man as the bandits were struggling with him was threatened with death by one of the thugs who pointed a revolver at his face.

Wallace told Detective Sergeant Gus Koerner he was walking along South Second Street on his way to work at the New York Shipbuilding Company when three colored men approached him at Boyer’s Court, which is between Sycamore Street and Kaighn Avenue.

One of them grabbed him around the neck, he said, and he was dragged into a small alley. He attempted to struggle with the men he told Koerner, but they overpowered him and threw him to the ground. They then tore his trousers and took $500 he had in one of the pockets.

While the thieves were struggling with the man, Herman Bird, colored, a barber, of 1131 South Second Street, who was washing the windows of his shop less than 100 feet away heard the commotion and ran to Adam’s assistance.

One of the trio stopped him before he reached the alley and placed the revolver against his mouth and told him to “go back where you came from or you will get shot.”

After taking the trousers the bandits found the money and hurled the torn garment back at Wallace who was still lying on the ground.

He returned to his home less than two squares away and reported the theft to detectives. The money, he said, was cash that he has saved up in several years employment at the shipyard. He did not tell detectives how he happened to be carrying it today.


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