Fines Total $1005 in Weekend Raids

Police Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – March 25, 1930

Three Proprietors Assessed $100 Each! Two Disorderly Houses and Restaurant Hit

A weekend of raiding in which 59 men and women were arrested in two disorderly houses, and a restaurant dispensing beer enriched the coffers of the Camden city treasury yesterday by $1005.

Proprietors of the three establishments were fined $100 each by Judge Garfield Pancoast on charges of violating the city disorderly act. An inmate of one of the disorderly houses was sentenced to three months in jail, having ignored a warning to leave town.

The raid on the Blue Hour Luncheonette, 1282 Liberty street, early Sunday in which 43 were arrested is said to have been the largest of its type in the city in more than a year.

Frank Kerr, 40, proprietor, pleaded guilty to charges of violating ordinance 422, while Parker McGonigal, of 1240 Morton street, facing similar charges, said he only worked in the establishment and received a suspended sentence.

Security of $10 was returned to Florence Williams, 22, of 312 North Third Street ; Teresa Kelly, 21 of 3013 Constitution Road, and Charles Mengalie, 24, of 314 Stevens Street, who proved that they had not been in the restaurant but were picked up on the street outside.

Thirty-eight others required to post $10 for appearance as material witnesses forfeited their security.

The disorderly houses raided were located at 818 and 1219 Locust Street.

Two colored women and six white men were arrested in the first establishment and three men and five women in the second.

Pearl Williams, an inmate of the establishment at 818 Locust street, was sentenced to three months in jail, while Mary Young, proprietress, and Leona West, proprietress of the second establishment, were each fined $100.

All of the men arrested were either fined $25 or forfeited securities of $25 each.

The establishment at 1219 Locust Street, raided late Sunday night by Sergeant Frank Truax and detectives is said to be the most luxurious of its kind found in this city.


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