Head of Pyne Poynt Garden Group Says Relief Job Needs “More Heart”

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Demand that Dr. Arthur L. Stone be retained as Camden city director of emergency relief was made by Walter S. Agin, president of the Pyne Poynt Garden Club, at a meeting of the Cox Garden Club at Twenty-first Street and Harrison Avenue.

“The city gardeners ask John Colt, state director of relief, to refuse to accept the resignation of Dr. Stone,” Agin said. “They feel that a great heart like that of Abraham Lincoln in 1861 is the thing most needed today. The city of Camden and the unemployed as well as the relief administration have use for a man with a heart and a head. After all, it is not what we do for ourselves that make us great, but what we do for the other fellow. We believe there is something more than the excuse that he ‘let his heart rule his head’ for the demand of County Director Wayland P. Cramer for Dr. Stone’s resignation and for that reason we ask that Dr. Stone be retained on the job.”

“More than20,000 tomato, pepper and cabbage plants were given to the city gardeners by Daniel Deacon, Twenty-seventh street and Pierce Avenue and more tomato plants will arrive today from the Campbell Soup Company firms at Mt. Holly for distribution to the various gardens throughout the city. The Kaighn Avenue Plumbing Supply Company donated 300 feet of water pipe to the Pyne Poynt Club, while 2 tons of fertilizer were given the gardeners by the Walters Company, of Philadelphia.

John Emery, president, of the Cox Club, announced his organization has 137 gardens underway on the old Cox farm on Harrison Avenue.


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