Link Schools to Fire Board

Inspecting new fire alarm link between Cooper's Poynt Elementary School and the city's fire board are Camden Board of Educatino President J. Maxwell Griffin (left) and Camden Fire Chief Edward V. Michalak.

Camden Courier-Post – February 3, 1967

Direct Tie Could Be Life-Death Difference

If firemen get to a school fire even one minute sooner, it could mean the difference between life and death.

So say Michael Spina, chief of the city’s Electrical Bureau and Anthony Gonski, Camden Board of Education business manager.

This week direct fire alarm links were established between 10 city schools and Camden’s fire board.

Had Private Alarm

Until recently alarm systems in all the city’s 31 schools were hooked into a private fire alarm company. If an alarm were received, the company would have to transmit it to the city fire department, Spina explained.

Direct links to the fire board eliminate alarm relay time, Spina said.

The first of the direct links was put into operation yesterday at the new Cooper’s Poynt Elementary School, 3rd and State Streets.

Gonski said he hopes there will be similar links in every city school by next September.

Cost Half-Million

The new fire detection system will cost a total of about half a million dollars, Gonski said. He said that cost would be financed from state aid from the sales tax, budgeted for the current school year.

A September, 1963, state regulation makes the installation mandatory, Gonski explained. He said the board has been paying about $4,500 a year for the private company’s service.

On hand for a test of the alarm system at Cooper’s Poynt yesterday were Spina, Camden Fire Chief Edward V. Michalak, school board president J. Maxwell Griffin Schools superintendent Dr. Anthony R. Catrambone, Gonski, board purchasing agent Walter Rand, and board engineer John Knecht.


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