Clarence Fuhrman

Clarence Fuhrman Playing Piano

Clarence Fuhrman was born in New Jersey on June 18, 1895, as the second child among the six born to Abraham and Rose Fuhrman. His father made a living as a jeweler. In 1914, Clarence Fuhrman graduated from Camden Manual Training and High School located at Haddon and Newton Avenues. The 1920 Census indicates that the family resided at 444 Broadway. By this time, Clarence Fuhrman had already honed his musical talents, earning a living as a piano teacher and performing in concerts. Another branch of the Fuhrman family ran a retail furniture store on Broadway for an extended period.

As a trained musician, Clarence Fuhrman began teaching piano in 1920. In 1924, he established the Fuhrman School of Music and, by 1928, was operating it at 581 Stevens Street. This school played a pivotal role in instructing numerous aspiring musicians in Camden from the 1920s through the 1950s. Clarence Fuhrman also hired musicians from the Philadelphia Orchestra, both as instructors and performers in various bands and orchestras that he led over the years.

Clarence Fuhrman’s Orchestra was a regular presence on Philadelphia radio stations as early as 1927 and continued throughout the 1930s and 1940s. He contributed to early radio programs on WIP. During the late 1930s and early 1940s, the Clarence Fuhrman Band provided musical accompaniment for the young singer Barbara Hayes on a WCAU radio show called ‘Batter Up (with Barbara Hayes)’ before Phillies baseball games. In January 1940, he assumed the role of musical director for radio station KYW in Philadelphia.

According to the 1930 Census, Clarence Fuhrman was residing at 300 Westmont Avenue in Haddonfield, NJ, which was the home of Frank B. Middleton Jr. and his wife Gertrude.

The 1947 Polk’s Directory for the Camden area indicated that Clarence Fuhrman and his wife Mina lived at 225 Windsor Avenue in Haddonfield, NJ. He continued to reside at this address throughout the 1950s. By 1959, he relocated his music school from Camden to 312 Haddon Avenue in Haddonfield. During this time, Clarence Fuhrman also co-wrote the campaign song for Richard Nixon’s 1960 presidential race, known as “Click With Dick,” with Olivia Hoffman and George Stork.

The 1970 New Jersey Bell Telephone directory listed the Clarence Fuhrman Orchestra on Simpson Avenue in Ocean City, NJ.

Clarence Fuhrman spent his final years as a resident of Lancaster, CA, until his passing in November 1977.

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