Walter J. Stanton, Jr.

Walter J Stanton Jr - 1932-06-08

Walter James Aloysius Stanton Jr. was born on September 27, 1893, to Walter Stanton and his wife, Elizabeth Kelly. Walter Sr., a prominent baseball player in Camden, lived with his family at 318 Berkley Street in 1900, where he worked as a butcher. However, by 1906, they moved to 522 South 2nd Street, as Walter Stanton Sr. had joined the Camden Police Department and even played right field for the department’s baseball team.

In 1910, the Stanton family resided at 1139 Pear Street, later known as Whitman Avenue. Living with them were Walter Jr.’s younger brother Thomas and their maternal grandfather, John Kelly. Despite being listed as a clerk in the Census, Walter Stanton Jr. had aspirations beyond his current occupation, which eventually led him to pursue a career on the vaudeville stage.

When the draft registration occurred on June 5, 1917, Walter Stanton Jr. and his family were living at 604 South 3rd Street. At that time, he was not employed. Soon after, on June 25, 1917, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served as an Able Seaman during World War I. By the end of 1919, the Stanton family had moved to 618 South 2nd Street. After his military service, Walter Jr. found his footing in the vaudeville industry, marking himself as a “vocalist” on stage.

In 1924, the family relocated again, this time to 533 Fulton Place, where they stayed until at least April 1930. By 1936, Walter Stanton Jr. had moved to 457 Carteret Street, and he got married by 1942. He and his wife, Rose, were living at the same address, while he worked on the 13th Floor of Camden’s City Hall for the Workers Service. During these years and up to the mid-1940s, he partnered in a variety act with Joe Hamilton, an experienced vaudeville and minstrel show entertainer who also resided in Camden.

In 1947, Walter Stanton Jr. worked as a janitor at Clara Burrough Junior High School at Haddon and Newton Avenues, and he continued living at the Carteret Street address until at least 1956. However, the Stantons eventually moved to the Crestfair Apartments, starting in 1959.

On May 2, 1959, Walter Stanton Jr. passed away and was laid to rest at Beverly National Cemetery in Beverly, NJ, just four days later. His wife, Mrs. Rose Stanton, lived at 209 Beideman Avenue in Camden’s Westfield Acres public housing project.

Notably, Walter Stanton Sr. served on the Camden Police Department from the 1900s to the 1930s, while his younger brother, Thomas Stanton, was also part of the force from the mid-1920s to at least 1947.

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