Dan McConnell

  • Harry McConnell

    Harry McConnell was a prominent figure in Camden, NJ. He served as a printer, bag cutter, and top-rated boxer. He also reported on the Keith vaudeville circuit.

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  • Camden Chiselers Club

    Camden Chiselers Club

    The Camden Chiselers Club was organized by Larry Doran, attorney Rocco Palese, and other members of Camden’s political and business community, making up a “Who’s Who” of Camden in the 1930’s.

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  • Herbert Anderson

    Herbert Anderson

    Herbert Anderson was a respected Camden police officer who served in the National Guard and U.S. Army after working as a wiper in an engine house.

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  • Main Street

    Main Street

    MAIN STREET runs diagonally, southeast from the intersection of State Street and Point Street in North Camden.

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  • Tydeman & Dooley

    Tydeman & Dooley

    TYDEMAN & DOOLEY were a pair of comedic acrobats who starred on the B.F. Keith vaudeville circuit in the 1900’s and 1910’s.

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  • Radio Station WCAM

    Radio Station WCAM

    Camden’s oldest radio station dates back to September 1925 when it signed on as WFBI at 1270 AM under the ownership of Robert Galvin. The city government became involved soon afterward. The official dedication of the now municipally-owned radio station, rechristened WCAM, occurred in Convention Hall, occurred on March 29, 1926. The station moved, sometime…

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