Frederick Von Nieda

Frederick von Nieda - 1950-02-17

Frederick Von Nieda, born in Bavaria in 1868, initially aspired to join the ministry after graduating from a seminary in 1885. However, a shift in plans due to illness led him to immigrate to America in the same year. Over the years, he engaged in various occupations, including serving as the inaugural professor of German at Temple University in Philadelphia. In 1902, he settled in the Cramer Hill section of Camden, NJ, and promptly became involved in civic activities and politics.

His early civic engagements were rooted in his passion for boating, fishing, and hunting. Frederick Von Nieda played a pivotal role in founding the Farragut Sportsmen’s Association in 1907 and actively contributed to establishing the Delaware River Yachtsmen’s League. In collaboration with Dr. C.F. Hadley, John Schimpf, and others, he co-established the East End Trust Company in 1905.

Remaining a devoted Republican throughout his life, Frederick Von Nieda assumed the role of Mayor of Camden in 1935, serving until 1936 when he faced a contentious political struggle against Commissioner George E. Brunner. During his tenure, the city grappled with financial challenges, resorting to the issuance of scrip to meet its financial obligations in April 1936.

Although his mayoral defeat marked the conclusion of Republican dominance in Camden politics, Frederick Von Nieda continued to play an active role in local politics and civic affairs for much of his remaining years.

One of Von Nieda’s most significant achievements was the transformation of the mosquito-filled swamp that had become of Baldwin’s Run, a creek running from the vicinity of Beideman and Westfield Avenues to the Delaware River. For 40 years, he tirelessly campaigned for the filling in of the swamplands, culminating in the creation of a park. Posthumously named Von Nieda Park, it stands as a testament to his dedication. Frederick Von Nieda passed away on February 17, 1950. Since his demise, the Delaware River Yachtsmen’s League has annually hosted a picnic in his honor, drawing boaters from along the Delaware River.

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