Lewis Liberman

  • Lewis Liberman

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    Camden Courier-Post – February 1, 1938 Rabbi Israel Goldstein, of New York, president of the Jewish National Fund of America, will speak tonight at a mass meeting at the Hotel Walt Whitman, in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Jewish National Fund.

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  • Wirtz Ordered to Face Inquiry By Mrs. Kobus

    Wirtz Ordered to Face Inquiry By Mrs. Kobus

    Detective Stanley Wirtz, suspended by Police Chief Arthur Colsey yesterday pending investigation into charges that he supplied the guns and an automobile for a holdup, has been ordered to appear today before Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, director of public safety.

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  • ‘Joey’ Powell Rearrested As County Opens Holdup Probe

    ‘Joey’ Powell Rearrested As County Opens Holdup Probe

    Joseph “Joey” Powell, former boxer who was arrested by city police in connection with a South Camden holdup and subsequently released, was rearrested by county detectives last night.

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  • Jewish Charities Raise $1500 Here

    Jewish Charities Raise $1500 Here

    Camden Courier-Post – June 7, 1933 More than $1500 in pledges and in cash have been received in the campaign of the Camden Federation of Jewish Charities, it was announced last night by E. George Aaron, chairman of the campaign committee. The drive will continue through this week.

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  • Funds to Aid Womens Home, Talmud Torah and Free Loan

    Camden Courier-Post – June 4, 1933 A campaign to raise funds for the Federation of Jewish’ Charities of Camden was launched yesterday under the chairmanship of E.George Aaron. The drive will continue a week. Funds raised will be contributed to the support of the Hebrew Ladies’ Sheltering Home, the Talmud Torah, and the Free Loan…

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