Division Street

Scene of Camden Bombing - At left, standing: Adam Coccia. Kneeling Matteo Coccia

Division Street became Ramona Gonzalez Street in 1997, saluting a community leader who co-founded the city’s San Juan Bautista parade. Did Division Street ever divide anything?

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    Clare Street

    Clare Street, a one-block thoroughfare in South Camden, New Jersey, runs south from 338 Pine Street to 335 Division Street. It holds a distinct place in the city’s history, reflecting both its urban development and changes in community identity over time. Originally named Pine Avenue, this street underwent a name change to Clare Street between…

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  • Isaac Merrick

    A laborer, Isaac Merrick worked at a Catholic cemetery in either Camden or Gloucester City. He later was the subject of a murder-suicide with his adopted daughter.

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  • Division Street

    Division Street

    Division Street was renamed Ramona Gonzalez Street in 1997, honoring a community leader who co-founded the city’s San Juan Bautista parade.

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  • Zuni Athletic Association

    The Zuni Athletic Association sponsored semi-pro sports teams as early as the spring of 1930 and into the early 60s. It appears to have founded in that year. Founding members included Peter Barbalace, Pasquale “Pat” Barbalace, Emil Aceto, John LaPlaca, and Jack O’Neil.

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  • Amanda Alloway

    Amanda Alloway, who was born in New Jersey in November 1843, had a notable life deeply intertwined with the historical tapestry of Camden, New Jersey. She married Joseph Alloway by 1863, and the couple had three children: Charles, born in December 1863, Joseph, born on November 22, 1865, and Ida May, born around 1867. The…

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  • New name for Camden street near planned HQ

    New name for Camden street near planned HQ

    CAMDEN – City Council members voted Tuesday to rename one block of Mount Ephraim Avenue to Subaru Drive.

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