Doings in Camden

** City Hall. Cooper. Pyne Point and Forest Kill parks were thronged yesterday.

Philadelphia Inquirer – August 13, 1906

** The flag poles on all the fire houses need painting.

** City Hall. Cooper. Pyne Point and Forest Kill parks were thronged yesterday.

** Open-air services were held by several of the churches yesterday.

** A white cab drawn by two white horses wearing white harness and driven by a man dressed in white, with the occupants in white, were the attractions at a downtown christening yesterday.

** The Atlantic City Railroad Company sent 247 carloads of exursionists to Atlantic City yesterday and 296 Saturday.

** Alpheus McCracken and W. Leonard Hurley, of the Central Trust Company, are on their way home from Eurpoe.

** “Uncle Jake” Fish, city gardener, who at 76 years can do more work than three average men, is on his annual fishing trip to Atlantic City.

** Kaighn avenue was cleaned Saturday for the first time in weeks.

** The shale bricks between the trolley rails on Federal and Market streets are in bad condition.

** Mayor Ellis has not yet signed the contract for the new chemical and hose wagon, about which there was so much discussion in City Council.

** Flashily dressed sports on prominent street corners have given rise to the rumor that there is something doing in the “pony” line.

** While building three warships, two 425-foot steamships, a big steamboat, a ferryboat and several oil barges, the New York shipbuilding Company turns out 15 steel freight car frames daily.

** There is considerable grumbling because trolley cars fail to stop to take on passengers at night on Federal street between Fifteenth and Twenty-first streets.

** While the county authorities have shut down the lamp black and phosphate works on Cooper’s Creek, the plant from which fumes of sulphuric acid escape is still in operation.

** The new Court House, on the Federal street side, is being discolored by soft coal smoke.

** Some of the City Councilmen are agitating an auto patrol for use of the police.

** Water pipes are being laid in Chestnut street prepatory to laying an asphalt pavement.

** Harry E. Hastings, of Saulsbury, Md, who had both feet cut off by falling from a train near Woodbury, Saturday, was reported in a critical condition at Cooper Hospital last night.

** Captain Stanley and a squad of policemen raided the house 716 Silver street yesterday and arrested the reputed proprietor, John Hawkins, colored, and five colored men. Hawkins is charged with keeping a disorderly house.

** The body of Louis Epstein, aged 10 years, of 442 Kaighn avenue, who was drowned in Cooper’s creek, near Baird avenue bridge, Saturday, was found yesterday by two boys. Coroner Fithian gave a certificate of accidental drowning.

** Mrs. Bridget Dunn, of 614 Roberts street, in trying to save a grandchild from falling out of a window, yesterday, plunged headlong to the street, sustaining severe lacerations of the scalp.


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