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Chestnut Street, Camden, NJ

Broadway Trust Building 1926
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Broadway Trust

The Broadway Trust Company was led by John J. Burleigh, one of the leading businessmen in South Jersey from the 1870s through World War I.

Eugene Alston
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Eugene F. Alston

EUGENE F. ALSTON was born October 16, 1919 in Camden to Richard Alston and his wife, the former Dolly Robinson. His father had been born in 1891 in Henderson, North Carolina. Richard Alston was working as a laborer at the Victor Talking Machine Company in June of 1917, and had married. Mr. and Mrs. Alston then lived in Camden at 1017 Francis Street, a small street that ran south from Walnut to Chestnut Street, between Front and South 2nd Streets.

George Addison and Family, circa 1930
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George O. Addison

GEORGE OWENS ADDISON, the son of William H. Addison and his wife, the former Pheobe Ann Drew, was born in Gloucester County, New Jersey on December 4, 1853. His family went to North Jersey for a time, and when the 1860 Census was taken lived in Chatham, in Morris County. When the Census was next enumerated, in 1870, George Addison was living in Deptford Township in Gloucester County. The Census Post Office of record was that of nearby Woodbury, New Jersey. On February 23, 1876 in Woodbury George Addison married Emma Virginia Garwood. The couple moved to Paulsboro, New Jersey before the 1880 Census was taken, and later moved a sort distance from Paulsboro to East Greenwich Township, where they were living in 1900.

Charles and Alma Aceto
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Charles Angelo Aceto

CHARLES ANGELO ACETO – Enterprise, industry, originality, and determination that overcomes all obstacles to success are characteristic of many young men from European countries who have sought this country for opportunity, and Charles Angelo Aceto affords a conspicuous example of one of these young men, who, in spite of handicaps, has entered into prosperity solely through his own efforts.

Charles A. Aceto
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Charles A. Aceto

CHARLES ANGELO ACETO was born in Italy on April 16, 1891 and came to America with his father in 1900. He threw himself into his education and into becoming proficient in the English language. He went into the bus and taxi business for himself with one station wagon, and by 1924 was operating a fleet of eight buses, providing regular service between the Market Street ferry and Parkside.

Intersection Crash According to police, the fire apparatus, operated by James Clinton, was traveling north on 2nd st. and collided at the intersection with the tractor-trailer, driven by James FE. Tarburton Jr, 32. of St. John's dr, Wilmington, Dela. The impact of the crash tossed the firemen off the ear step of the fire truck, which was forced over a curb and along a sidewalk for about 35 feet. The vehicle sideswiped two parked ears and knocked down a parking meter. Tarburton was charged with failure to yield the right of way to a fire apparatus. The false alarm was turned in from a box at Poynt and Erie sts.
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Four Firemen Suffer Hurts In Collision

Four Camden firemen were among persons injursd over the weekend in motor vehicle accidents on South Jersey roads.

The firemen were injured when their engine collided with a tractor-trailer at 2nd and Market sts. Saturday about 4.30 p.m. while they were on their way to answer an alarm which was false.

Admitted to Cooper Hospital with arm, hip and knee injuries was Orville Goldsboro, 33, of 1730 8. – Sth ee

Released after treatment were August Johnson, 39. of 91642 Chestnut st, who suffered-multi-
ple bruises; Reginald Laws, 36, of 1453 Bradley ave., chest and back injuries, and Capt. Raymond Amos, 52, of 825 Washington st., leg injuries.

Abandoned Kaighn School building was razed Wednesday afternoon
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Police Investigate 3 Fires in 4 Hours In One Section

Police today are investigating the possibility that three fires Wednesday within a quarter-mile area inside of three hours and 46 minutes were the work of a firebug.

Nine Safety Aides Sworn by Aaron (2 of 2)
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Nine Safety Aides Sworn by Aaron

Camden Courier-Post – August 12, 1950 Five recently-appointed policemen and four firemen were sworn in today by…

5 Cops 4 Firemen All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron 1 of 2
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5 Cops, 4 Firemen, All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron

Director of Public Safety Aaron this afternoon announced the appointment of five new patrolmen and four new firemen.

** City Hall. Cooper. Pyne Point and Forest Kill parks were thronged yesterday.
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Doings in Camden

** City Hall. Cooper. Pyne Point and Forest Kill parks were thronged yesterday.
** Flashily dressed sports on prominent street corners have given rise to the rumor that there is something doing in the “pony” line.