Girl Tells of Leap to Escape Captor

After two-story Jump from Kidnapper. January 31, 1928

Camden Courier-Post – January 31, 1928

Youth Accused by Child of Luring Into House is Held for Trial

After little 10-year-old Mamie Zimmie, 1181 Morton Street, finished telling a story of how she had been lured into a house, and had escaped by leaping to the ground from a porch roof. Police Judge Bernard Bertman this morning held Samuel Osler, 18 years old, 1450 Mount Ephraim Avenue in $2500 bail for the Grand Jury.

In default, young Osler was committed to the county jail.

Facing a courtroom, crowded with spectators, and showing no sign of fear or excitement, Mamie, while on the witness stand, turned toward the youth, six years her senior, and declared, “That’s the boy who tried to hurt me.”

Detective Frank Truax testified that he arrested Osler yesterday afternoon in his home at the Mt. Ephraim Avenue address, after the Zimmie girl had accused him.

On the stand and the object of the stare of those who packed the courtroom, Mamie dramatically recited the events of yesterday afternoon which led to her leap from the porch roof and her removal to the West Jersey Hospital, cut, bruised and lame.

The girl’s leap had been witnessed by Frank Clark, of 1006 South Ninth Street who picked her up and took her to the hospital. She was treated for cuts and bruises and allowed to go home. Her father, William Zimmie, testified that his daughter had complained of pains in her back, all night. On the stand in his own defense, Osler said that Mamie had followed him into the house and up the stairs. “When I went into the bathroom to get some money, she jumped out of the window, I did not know her,” he declared.


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