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‘Chick Hunt’s Girl’ Gone

Back into the notice of Camden’s Police Court, but not into its courtroom, Katherine Rosalie came today.

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Dealer Denies Thieves Took Slot Machine

Lewis Shectman changed his story in police court today and declared that it was only a box of cigars, not a slot machine that was stolen from his store.

Katherine Rosalie, Top. Elsie Berendt, Bottom.
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Battle Echo of Murder at Club

Pretty, piquant Katherine Rosalie – for love of whom men are declared to have fought to the death in the rooms of the Sixth Ward Republican Club, today waged her own fight against her self-avowed rival for the attentions of Charles “Chick” Hunt.

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Murder Motive at G.O.P. Club Splits Sleuths

With city and county authorities definitely divided on the motive and circumstance if the Sixth Ward Republican Club slaying, Joseph “Polack Joe” Deven was arraigned in Camden police court today and held without bail on a murder charge.

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Voodoo Man Confesses Bigamy

Police investigating the “voodoo den” of H.H. Hyghcock, 413-15 Liberty Street, whose arrest on suspicion of murder made several important discoveries today.