Mayor, City Aides to Confer Monday on Weed Removal

MARIJUANA PLANTS have been found by city inspectors who are conducting a campaign to rid the city of unsightly grass and weeds. Wherever found, the plants are destroyed by spraying with a plant killer. F. James Hainsworth, superintendent of the city asphalt plant, is shown pointing out the plants to a group of women living in the neighborhood of a city-owned lot at Chelton Avenue and Arlington Street. Anthony Mona is spraying the plants, and Director of Public Works Abbot is at Hainsworth's left. The women are Mrs. Antoinette Daniluk, Mrs. Rose Mitchell and Mrs. Isabella Simms.

Camden Courier Post – July 22, 1950

Unsightly Grass and Weeds

Mayor Brunner announced today he will call a conference Monday to coordinate city departments in the movement to remove unsightly grass and weeds in the city.

Attending the conference Brunner said will be Director of Public Works Abbott, his deputy, James Swanson; J. James Hainsworth, superintendent of the city asphalt plant; Director of Parks and Public Property Gotshalk; S. Raymond Dobbs, acting chief of the bureau of city property and John Salvatore. who is in charge of workers in the city property bureau.

“The purpose of the conference,” Brunner said “is to coordinate the work of the various city departments In the projects being conducted to clear the city of high grass and weeds.

“There is equipment in the park system that could be used to advantage in cutting down the grass and weeds. Working together, the various city departments will be in a position clear away weeds and grass on city-owned property.”

Grass Around Hydrants

Meanwhile, department of public works workers today started to remove grass and weeds from around fire hydrants, utility poles and traffic standards. The weed removal crew today went to work on Federal, Cooper and Market streets in the central part of the city. and in the vicinity of the Camden Civic Center.

Swanson said that on Monday, the crew will complete Market street to Twelfth Street, and Arch Street and then concentrate in the North Camden area.

“After that section is completed” Swanson said, “The crew will godown Broadway, working the South Camden and then the Parkside and Whitman Park areas.

Leaves E. Camden to Last

“We are leaving the East Camden section to last, because the New Jersey Water Company owns most of the fire hydrants in that area, and they have been requested to remove the grass and weeds from their hydrants.” Swanson said he was looking forward to being able to utilize men and equipment from the other city departments in the program.

“If all the departments pledge their full cooperation” Swanson added, ”we should be able to beat the weed problem within a week.”

Abbott points out that since the campaign was started, workers from his department have uncovered and destroyed a large number of marijuana plants that were growing wild on lots in the city.

One of the largest tracts of marijuana plants was uncovered on a lot owned by the city, which was converted into a playground at Chelton Avenue and Arlington Street. More than 200 plants were found on the lot.

Violators Face Fines

Workers today destroyed more than 100 marijuana plants on a vacant lot on Viola Street, between Master and Van Buren Streets.

Property owners were cautioned by Abbott that unless they remove unsightly weeds and grass from their property they would be hauled into police court. Abbott said flagrant violators would be subject to fines ranging up to $200. Warning notices have been sent to more than 300 property owners where inspectors from Abbott‘s department found grass and weeds to be growing wild.

“The majority of property owners in the city,” Abbott said, “are cooperating in the campaign. We plan however, to be tough with owners who refuse to remove grass and weeds from their property after being warned by our inspectors.”

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