New Street Lights

Street with Street Lights - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – January 25, 1928

City Workers Start Laying Out System of “Safety Islands” on Cooper Street

City employees today started installing a new system of traffic lights and laying out six “safety islands” on Cooper Street, under the direction of James A. Howell, acting chief of electrical bureau, and Charles Humes, captain of police.

The traffic lights are known as the “three-way auto signal” type and are expected to speed up traffic. They can be operated from a central point, in unison, or separately by hand. City officials say the may eventually be placed also on Penn and Linden Streets.

The safety islands, which will be concrete elevations in the middle of the street, will be placed at Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Broadway, Seventh, and Eighth Streets. These will make possible safer crossing of the street by pedestrians. The street between Fourth and Ninth is 64 feet wide.


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