Schiller Indicted on Murder Charge

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Camden Courier-Post – September 20, 1933

Slain Politician’s Son Must Stand Trial for Killing of Father

William Schiller, 30-year-old former summer cop, was indicted for murder today and must stand trial for the fatal shooting of his father, Jacob Schiller, 72, well-known and well-liked politician.

The indictment was one of 39 true bills in a presentment made by the new September term of grand jury to Judge Samuel M. Shay.

In addition to Schiller, five other men were indicted for murder.

These are Peter Citeroni, 28, of 919 South Fifth Street; Samuel DiGiacomo, 18, of 314 Berkley Street; Stanzo Palumbo, 20, of 314 Clinton Street; Joseph Patricci, 21, of 320 Berkley Street, and Fred Williams, colored, of Camden. All are in the county jail without bail and awaiting trial.

Schiller shot and killed his father at their home, 2420 Carman Street, last Saturday night. The elder Schiller had long tried to act as a conciliator between his son and the latter’s wife, Augusta, who were estranged. Mrs. William Schiller wrote what police described as a “suicide note” and was found wandering dazedly through the city streets Monday, asserting that her father-in-law had been killed while trying to protect her.

Citeroni fatally shot his sweetheart, Jennie Zucchi, 21, of 322 Warren Avenue, on August 30, at Haddon and Wright Avenues. She died September 3. Citeroni, who has twice attempted to commit suicide, claimed Miss Zucchi had ended their friendship because of her father’s objections to him.

Bill in '40 Cent Murder'

Palumbo, DiGiacomo and Patricci are indicted in the “40-cent murder” of Archie Pidgeon, who was found slain at Third and Berkley Streets August 21. The three are said to have admitted they held up Pidgeon and got only 40 cents from him, which they spent for “hot dogs” and coffee.

Williams, who once served time for the murder of a woman in Atlantic County, is indicted this time for the murder of Ida Paynter on August 12.

A former Camden woman was indicted on a charge of abandoning her two children, and her husband was indicted on a charge of non-support. They are Harry Mulhearn, 579 Mickle Street, and Mrs. Lillian Mulhearn, of Deepwater Lighthouse.

Mrs. Mulhearn was arrested September 7 on a warrant on September 7 by Mrs. Louise F. Walsh, secretary of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Mrs. Walsh charged that the parents had shown no disposition to take care of their children, Lillian, 6, and Verna Mae, 5, who have been under the charge of the Sheltering Arms Home.

Other Indictments

The other indictments were as follows:

Receiving stolen goods — Richard A. Wiggins, Lawnside; Harry Smith and William Bow, Camden; Joseph Hampton, Gloucester; Edward Hendricks, Gloucester.

Non support — Charles Van Dusen, Camden; Elmer P. Peters, Gloucester; John Shoemaker, Clementon; Martin Burns, Camden; William Lachzynska, Camden; George A. Spingler, Barrington; William Patten, Camden; Jerry Fagen, Gloucester; Harry L. Blaetz, Merchantville, and Frank Kunitz, Camden.

Breaking and entering — Ira Munroe, 10 indictments for breaking into houses at Haddonfield; Charles Priesly, indicted with Munroe in two true bills; Charles Hill, Camden.

Carrying concealed deadly weapons- Trim L. Austin, Pennsauken, for carrying brass knuckles.

Embezzlement — Raymond Weaver, Pennsauken, $543.50 from the Standard Oil Company.


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