Third Hearing Set on Saloon License

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Camden Courier-Post – October 29, 1935

Rosedale Residents Object to Permit; Excise Board Ponders Action

The newly created city excise commission last night called a third public hearing on the application of Frank Caromano for a saloon license at Thirty-sixth street and Westfield avenue.

The hearing was set for 10 a. m., Saturday.

The city commission held one formal hearing and one informal hearing on the application, protested by 881 citizens of the Rosedale section of the Eleventh ward, led by Rev. W. Douglas Roe, pastor of the Rosedale Baptist Church.

Granting the application, Roe and others have contended, will open the Rosedale section, now without saloons, to other applications.

The excise commission — formally the Municipal Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control — in practice adopted a policy of "go slow." It was the first business meeting of the board, composed of John L. Morrissey, chairman; Mrs. Ann Baumgartner, secretary, and Curtis O. Sangtinette.

Takes Notes of Meeting

Mrs. Pauline F. Caperoon, secretary to City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, director of public safety, took stenographic notes of the meeting. She explained this was merely to keep the board straight until the new board becomes more familiar with procedure.

City Clerk Otto E. Braun also recorded the minutes and said he will continue to do so in collaboration with Mrs. Baumgartner.

The meeting was held in Braun’s private office. Only the members of the board, Mrs. Caperoon, Braun and newspaper reporters attended.

A license was granted to the Eleventh Ward Democratic Club, 1014 North Twenty-seventh street. A transfer of the license of Charles T. Bateman from 600 Mt. Vernon street to 1900 South Sixth street was approved.

Police Probe Asked

Police investigation was requested by the board on the applications of Peter Bradsky for 801 Chestnut street and Frank D’Alesandro, 523 South Third street.

The police department will do the bulk of the investigating for the new board, Mrs. Kobus has announced.

A personal investigation by members of the board was decided upon in the application of Dominic Guglielmo for a transfer from 245 Chestnut street to 2222 Federal street.

Action was deferred on the application of a transfer of the license of Mary Hinkson to Edgar H. Beattie at 949 North Twenty-fifth street.


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