Edward J. Borden

Edward J Borden, Sr, 1933-06-09. Edward J. Borden who was the guest of honor at a testimonial dinner in the Camden Club last night on the occasion of his election as president of the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. The dinner also marked his twentieth wedding anniversary, and Mrs. Borden was similarly feted at another dinner.

EDWARD J. BORDEN SR. was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 12, 1888 to John and Beatrice Borden, both of whom were born in Canada. The elder Borden was a boilermaker by trade. The family moved to Illinois shortly after Edward Borden’s birth, residing there as early as 1890 and as late as July of 1899, when his sister Beatrice was born. The family soon relocated again, this time to Wilmington DE, where they resided at 1205 Elm Street.

Edward J. Borden served as a quartermaster in the United States Navy for four years, He was serving aboard the battleship USS Minnesota in May of 1910 when the Census was enumerated.

By 1914 Edward J. Borden had left the Navy and moved to Camden NJ. He married shortly before the 1914 Camden City Directory was compiled. Edward Borden and his wife Mary lived at 422 North 3rd Street. He was working, according to the directory, as a “book folder” When he registered for the draft in 1917, Edward Borden was living at 422 North 3rd Street and working as a bookbinder. He later went into real estate.

In the spring of 1933 Edward J. Borden Sr. was elected president of the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.

In order to address the need for low-cost housing in Camden and to assess other projects, on August 10, 1933 the Camden Board of City Commissioners and the Camden County Board of Freeholders appointed a joint City-County Public Works Survey Committee, the purpose of which was to pass upon all proposed projects for federal aid under the national recovery program. The committee consisted of 17 men prominent in business, labor, and political life appointed by Mayor Roy R. Stewart and Dr. Leslie H. Ewing, Director of the Board of Freeholders. The members were Mayor Stewart, Dr. Ewing, David Baird Jr., Representative Charles A. Wolverton, J. David Stern, Norman Parker, Edward J. Borden, Harry L. Maloney, Ernest Bartelt, Ernest R. Lewis, Dr. Thomas B. Lee, former State Senator William T. Read, Albert S. Woodruff, Wilfred W. Fry, J. William Markham, Grover C. Richman and William H. Dobbins.

The 1930 Census was living at 561 Washington Street in Camden NJ with wife Mary and their children Bernice, 14, John, 12, and Edward, 10. He by this time was engaged in the real estate business. When he registered for the draft again in 1942, he had moved his family to 2608 Baird Boulevard in East Camden. His real estate business was then located at 702 Market Street. He was still at both addresses through 1947. Edward Borden Sr. had moved to the Parkview Apartments in Collingswood NJ by October of 1956. His real estate business was still at 702 Market Street as late as 1959, but by 1970 it had moved to 738 Market Street. A suburban branch on Route 70 in what was then Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill) was established in the late 1950s.

Edward J. Borden was last a resident of Oaklyn NJ. He passed away in December of 1975. His son, Edward J. Borden Jr. served as Camden County Prosecutor, and was still active in civic affairs as late as 2006.

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