Martin W. Baskow

Martin W Baskow - 1967-07-15

MAURICE WILLIAM “MARTY” BASKOW was born in Pennsylvania to Abraham and Rose Baskoff. The Social Security Death Index, shows a birthday of January 9, 1908. The 1910 Census shows the family as living at 244 North 2nd Street in Philadelphia, just off of Vine Street. Abraham Baskow then worked at a brush factory, while Rose worked as a dressmaker, probably from the home. There had been another child who had not survived as of the enumeration of the Census. The family was still in Philadelphia as late as 1915.

By 1924 the family had moved to 1938 Fillmore Street, the corner of Fillmore and Jefferson Streets, where the family ran a grocery store on the corner opposite John Bouillon’s saloon, which, after 1936 was known as the Blanche Cafe. They were still there at the time of the 1930 Census. By then, Martin, or Maurice, had graduated from high school, most likely Camden High. He was then working in the family grocery.

The family business had moved to 601 Sycamore Street by 1942. Abraham Baskoff and family were then living at 1437 Broadway, just below Atlantic Avenue, near Solomon Goldstein and his son, Dr. Hyman I. Goldstein, who was at 1425 Broadway, the corner of Broadway and Atlantic Avenue.

Martin Baskow was living in New Jersey on July 2, 1941 when he was inducted into the United States Army. He was single at that time. The 1947 Camden City Directory shows the Abraham Baskoff family at 1504 Bradley Avenue in Parkside, with son Maurice and daughter Gertrude.

By 1951 Martin Baskow had married Ella Zinger. Their first child was born that year, a daughter, Jackie. A son, Bruce, would follow in 1955. The family was living in South Jersey in the mid-1950’s. They were at the Parkview Apartments in Collingswood in the fall of 1956, but had moved to 109 East Cuthbert Road in Westmont by the fall of 1959. The family moved one again, to 315 Monmouth Drive in the Cherry Hill Estates section of Cherry Hill NJ, by the mid-1960’s. They also lived, for a time, in East Camden.

Martin W. Baskow went into the business world while living in East Camden. He operated a vending business out of his home. Around 1961 he acquired the Nine-Thirty-Nine Bar, which was located at 939 Market Street in Camden NJ. While he prospered during these years, he let the location of the family’s grocery store at 601 Sycamore Street go back to the City of Camden for unpaid taxes.

Martin William Baskow was brutally murdered in his bar on the morning of July 14, 1967. News accounts of the day describe the crime as being the result of a robbery. As of July 2006 the case remains unsolved.

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