Perry Street

Perry Street, Jane Street, Ringold Street, Camden, NJ. Based on Sanborn Map in 1906

PERRY STREET was a small street that ran from 1044 Line Street south for one block to Pine Street. It was the first street east of Haddon Avenue off of Line Street.

Perry Street is listed in the 1871 Camden City Directory and there were still homes on Perry Street as late as 1947. By the 1960s Perry Street and all of Line Street east of St. Mihiel Street, including Jane Street and Ringold Street had been razed and paved over to provide parking for Campbell Soup’s corporate headquarters.

C. Harry Bates and his family lived on Perry Street for over 40 years. His family was related through marriage to the Kilroy and Murphy families, who also lived on Perry Street in the 1920s and 1930s.


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