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  • 29th Street

    29th Street

    Twenty-Ninth Street extends from the Delaware River southward, crossing River Road to the Pavonia railroad switching yards. It resumes at Pleasant Street, proceeding to Westfield Avenue. Further, it resumes at Federal Street, extending southward to Clinton Street. Similar to all numbered streets in Camden, it is referred to as North 29th Street above Federal and…

  • Arthur Avenue

    Arthur Avenue

    Arthur Avenue, named after U.S. President Chester A. Arthur, is situated within the Cramer Hill neighborhood of Camden. The street’s layout was established prior to 1887, with its christening as “Arthur Avenue” occurring after Chester Arthur assumed the presidency in late 1881. Maps predating World War I illustrate Arthur Avenue tracing the course of the…

  • Train Hits School Bus

    Train Hits School Bus

    Camden Courier-Post – October 21, 1931 Crossing Where One Was Injured in Train-Bus Crash One man was seriously injured last night when a passenger train and a school bus crashed at the East State Street crossing of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The injured man is Samuel Phillips, 45, of Blackwood, driver of the bus. He is…