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  • Arthur L. Stone

    Arthur L. Stone

    Dr. Arthur L. Stone was a strong advocate for an immunization program that played a crucial role in nearly eradicating diphtheria from the city.

  • Berkley Hall

    Berkley Hall

    Berkley Hall was built in 1895. It stands at 601 Berkley Street, the northeast corner of 6th and Berkeley Streets.

  • Berkley Street

    BERKLEY STREET was originally and was for many, many years spelled Berkeley Street. The street was named for Lord Berkeley, who, with Sir George Carteret owned the colony of New Jersey from 1664 to 1674. When originally laid out, Berkley Street east of Broadway was known as Hamilton Street, in honor of Hamilton Beckett of…

  • Amanda Alloway

    Amanda Alloway, who was born in New Jersey in November 1843, had a notable life deeply intertwined with the historical tapestry of Camden, New Jersey. She married Joseph Alloway by 1863, and the couple had three children: Charles, born in December 1863, Joseph, born on November 22, 1865, and Ida May, born around 1867. The…

  • Charles L. Alcott

    Charles L. Alcott was the son of Logan Alcott and his wife, the former Elizabeth Ann Bodine. The Alcotts were living in Camden as early as 1854. Logan Alcott was one of the founding stewards of Broadway Methodist Episcopal Church.Logan Alcott was in the coal business. The Alcott family was living at 440 West Street…



    The postcard above was mailed on October 5, 1910 from Camden, New Jersey to Miss Ella Kremo at the Tivoli Theater in Sydney, Australia. When the postcard arrived in Sydney, Miss Kremo and her family, a troupe of acrobats who appeared on stage around the world, had left, leaving a forwarding address of Das Programm…

  • Democrats to Hold Meetings Tonight

    Camden Courier-Post – October 29, 1931 The campaign foe A. Harry Moore, gubernatorial candidate, and local Democratic candidates, will be carried into six wards of the city and in seven communities or the county tonight.

  • News of a Day in the City of Camden

    News of a Day in the City of Camden

    Considerable surprise was manifested in Camden yesterday when it was announced that Anna Turner, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Frank Turner, a prominent builder and contractor, has been marred since January 21 to Louis Voegtlin, formerly of Camden, but now of Trenton. Up until the past few days Miss Turner, who lived with her parents at…