13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen

Camden Courier-Post – December 30, 1955

Thirteen new firemen were sworn in today by Safety Director E. George Aaron in ceremonies at City Hall.

Beginning Sunday they will start a 90-day probatinoary period, during which they will receive instruction at the fire training school, 9th and Morgan sts.

All are war veterans and all are replacements in vacancies caused by deaths or retirements on pension. Their initial salary is $3800 a year, which may increase to a maximum of $4800 after two years.

Director Aaron announced that their appointment brings the fire department to its full strength of 250, except for four captaincies.

Those sworn in are Edward T. Irwin, 36, of 910 N. 24th St; William Johns Hopkins, 32, of 830 Grant St.; Robert Richards Jr., 23, of 58 Erie St.; Alchester, Warren, 34, of 776 Walnut St.; John Lynn Sterner, 27, of 2738 Lincoln ave.; Leon Carl Puszcykowski, 25, 3106 S. Congress rd. Joseph Anthony Verderosa, 27, of 1193 Thurman St.; William J. O’Connor. 24, Apartment 281, 342 Dudley St, Kenneth Clark, 23, of Apartment 295, 346 Dudley St.; Carl Richard Szalkowski. 33. of 1071 Thurman St.; Alfred Nigro. 29. of 912 S. 5th St.; Francis Paul Stibi, 26, of 329 Dailey St. and James Hovey Troutman, 28, of 2944 High St.

13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen
13 Given Oath at City Hall as New Firemen

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