5 Cops, 4 Firemen, All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron

5 Cops 4 Firemen All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron 1 of 2

Camden Courier-Post – August 1, 1950

Replacements Listed For 8 on Pensions, One Resignation

Director of Public Safety Aaron this afternoon announced the appointment of five new patrolmen and four new firemen. All are War II veterans.

The police are:

James R. Styles, 27, of 3013 Essex street; William B. Reeves Jr., 24, of 431 Chestnut street; Louis E. Walls Jr., 29, of 777 Spruce street; Edward Fulton, 21 of 342 North Tenth street and Joseph A. Snajkowski, 29, of 1334 Dayton street.

The firemen are:

August L. Johnson, 31, of 916 Chestnut street; Owen D. Gale, 29, of 312 Marlton avenue; Albert A. Stinger, 25, of 47 North Twenty-fifth street, and Jestroe Hunt, 29, of Walnut Street.

All the men will receive $2400 a year and will report for duty September 1. The new firemen will replace four men who have been retired on pension. Four of the new patrolmen will replace men who have been retired on pension and the fifth replaces a member of the department who has resigned to accept another position.


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