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  • Bulson Street

    Bulson Street

    Bulson Street once stretched eastward from Broadway to South 11th Street alongside the railroad tracks connecting Camden to the rest of South Jersey. The street is believed to have been named after Gilbert Bulson, a farmer who owned a sizable parcel of land in the area during the 19th century. City Directories dating back to…

  • Budd Street

    Budd Street is situated in Camden’s Centerville neighborhood and made its first appearance in City Directories in 1878. However, the first house with a Budd Street address did not appear until 1891. According to a 1914 map, Budd Street ran east from Ninth Street to the rear fence of Evergreen Cemetery, positioned between Ferry Avenue…

  • York Street

    York Street

    In North Camden, York Street stretches from Delaware Avenue to 10th Street. Several streets intersect with York Street, including Beach Street, Point Street, Front Street, Howard Street, as well as the numbered streets ranging from 2nd to 10th.

  • Old Cooper Street

    Old Cooper Street

    Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ. In an earlier chapter I suggested that a young writer seeking a subject for a story could take any Camden street that leads to…

  • 10th Street

    10th Street

    Tenth Street, a thoroughfare with occasional breaks, stretches from State Street in the northern part of Camden down to Morgan Boulevard, located in the Morgan Village area.

  • The Streets of Camden

    Note: All numbered streets in Camden, NJ are “North” if above Federal Street and “South” if below Federal St. As an example, “North 4th Street” would mean that it’s north of Federal, while South 8th street would mean it is south of Federal. Street Name Also Known As First Appears Last Appears Notes 2nd Street…

  • Edwin F. Allen

    EDWIN FORREST ALLEN was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on October 9, 1872, as a replacement for David B. Sparks, who had resigned. He served as an extra man with the Hook and Ladder Company (present-day Ladder Company 1). He was resigned from his position with the Fire Department on June 30, 1873. He…

  • Joseph A. Alcorn

    Joseph A. Alcorn

    Joseph A. Alcorn was born in February 1919 in Camden, New Jersey to Mary and William Alcorn. He was the youngest of eight children: James G., William Joseph, Rose, Marie Frances, Thomas J., Genevieve, Rita, and then Joseph. By 1918, the family settled at 906 North 9th Street in North Camden (near the Highland Woolen…

  • Nine Safety Aides Sworn by Aaron

    Nine Safety Aides Sworn by Aaron

    Camden Courier-Post – August 12, 1950 Five recently-appointed policemen and four firemen were sworn in today by Public Safety Commissioner Aaron in his City Hall office. The nine men, all veterans of War II, will report for duty in the $2400-a-year posts on Sept 1. Four of the rookie policemen replace men retired on pension…

  • 5 Cops, 4 Firemen, All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron

    5 Cops, 4 Firemen, All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron

    Camden Courier-Post – August 1, 1950 Replacements Listed For 8 on Pensions, One Resignation Director of Public Safety Aaron this afternoon announced the appointment of five new patrolmen and four new firemen. All are War II veterans. The police are: James R. Styles, 27, of 3013 Essex street; William B. Reeves Jr., 24, of 431…

  • Polish Air Hero to Visit Factories in Camden

    Camden Courier-Post – February 7, 1933 A tour of Camden’s leading industrial plants following a reception at Central Airport has been arranged for Stanley F. Hausner, the “Flying Pole” of Newark, when he is the guest of this city Thursday. Hausner, who was rescued 550 miles off the coast of Portugal after being missing for…

  • Camden Cyclone of April 2, 1912

    Camden Cyclone of April 2, 1912

    The city of Camden was hit by tornadoes, or as they were then called, cyclones, on two occasions, August 3, 1885 and April 2, 1912. The first storm destroyed the Tabernacle Baptist Church at North 3rd and Pearl Street, and caused damage to buildings at North 3rd and Main Streets and elsewhere. The second storm…

  • Death Lurked on a Camden Street

    Death Lurked on a Camden Street

    Philadelphia Inquirer – January 7, 1898 HARRY J. SCHAEFER STEPPED ON A LIVE WIRE AND DIED IN AWFUL AGONY. WERE AFRAID TO AID HIM Policemen Stood Near, But No One Warned the Pedestrian of His Danger – The Broken Wire Had Been Shooting Out Sparks for Half an Hour. Deadly electric wires claimed a victim…

  • Over In Camden

    Over In Camden

    Philadelphia Inquirer – August 26, 1892

  • New Buildings Going Up

    New Buildings Going Up

    Camden Daily Courier – November 15, 1890 Many Houses Now Being Erected Camden builders do not seem to be deterred by the fear of financial panic or an idea that the McKinley bill presages disaster in business. New operations are in progress, and several extensive ones are contemplated early in the coming year. Charles W.…