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Moorestown Toll Gate at 36th & Federal Streets
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Federal Street

Federal Street was originally called Joseph Cooper’s Lane, and ran from the river to the old Haddonfield Road. In 1803 Joshua Cooper, who was an ardent Federalist, called it Federal Street. His father, Daniel Cooper, had, in 1764, built a large three-story brick house and established a ferry about the same time to Philadelphia. This lane was to provide the farmers in the area a way to get to the ferry.

Nine Safety Aides Sworn by Aaron (2 of 2)
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Nine Safety Aides Sworn by Aaron

Camden Courier-Post – August 12, 1950 Five recently-appointed policemen and four firemen were sworn in today by…

5 Cops 4 Firemen All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron 1 of 2
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5 Cops, 4 Firemen, All War 2 Vets Named by Aaron

Director of Public Safety Aaron this afternoon announced the appointment of five new patrolmen and four new firemen.