Ex-Policeman Who Turned Bandit Jailed 18 Months for $70 Holdup

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Camden Courier-Post – August 16, 1933


10 Lawbreakers Imprisoned Out of 12 Arraigned Before Judge Shay


Five state prison sentences, four “light” terms in the county jail, a fine, a suspension of sentence and a sending of a youth to reform school were among the rulings of Judge Samuel M. Shay yesterday in Special Sessions of the Camden County Criminal Court.

A former policeman, who turned bandit, was among those given prison terms.

Leniency was accorded a father who abandoned and failed to support a boy, but with the promise he must stay away from women to keep out of jail.

Parker Hunter, of 1722 Ferry Avenue, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering a gasoline service station at Broadway and Webster streets, on the night of July 14 and stealing seven quarts of oil. Hunter’s plea that he was intoxicated at the time did not save him from a 60-day sentence in the county jail.

Girder Thieves Jailed

John Capello, 18, of 1291 Decatur Street, pleaded guilty to two indictments charging him with the theft of an automobile of Abraham Schribner, Pleasantville, on July 29, when the car was parked in front of the owner’s store at Broadway and Kaighn Avenue. Patrolman Thomas Welsh caught the defendant after an exciting chase through South Camden, in which several shots were fired.

Capello also pleaded guilty to breaking into the home of Mrs. Jennie Barriger, 1293 Decatur Street, on July 27, and stealing $25.

Judge Shay sentenced him to the Reformatory.

George Edmonds, 48, and Alonzo Martin, 31, both of 1300 South Eighth street, were sentenced to from one to three years each when they pleaded guilty to the theft of steel girders and beams belonging to the Acres of Diamonds Realty Co., near Central Airport. The robbery occurred on July 5. It was charged that the two men cut the girders and beams into small pieces with a cutting torch and sold them to a junk dealer. The beams were valued at $957.

Two Years for Gun Toter

Emmanuel Trappan, 33, 473 East Rittenhouse street, Philadelphia, a paroled convict from the Eastern Penitentiary was sentenced to from two to three years when he pleaded guilty to a charge of carrying concealed deadly weapons.

He was arrested at 3 a. m. on July 17 by William Markward, 513 North Tenth Street, a special officer, near Second and Vine streets. The prisoner told the court he had come to Camden to attend a fireworks display in connection with the celebration of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel day.

“So you came to see the fireworks,” said Judge Shay.” I imagine you saw them well at 3 a. m., didn’t you?”

“No, Your Honor, they were over.” “Well,” continued the judge, “I would hate to see you disappointed.” He paused to look at the clock.” I’ll show you some at 11 a. m. Two to three years.”

Ex-Cop Sentenced

William F. McKittrick, Somerdale, was given a one year’s suspended sentence when he pleaded guilty to a charge of deserting his 12-year-old son and failing to support him. William Stainker, also of Somerdale, brother-in-law of the prisoner, told the court that McKittrick spends all of his money on other women.

In suspending sentence, Judge Shay told McKittrick, “If I hear of you running around with any women back to jail you go.”

Floyd Griffin, Lucaston, a World War veteran and a former Philadelphia policeman, was sentenced to state prison for a term of from 18 months to seven years on a charge of holding up and robbing Edward Glassburg, a milk wagon driver at Lindenwold on July 10.

He took $70 away from the driver at the point of a gun, it was testified.

Three Years on Girl’s Charge

Marvin Taylor, of 931 Howard Street, was sentenced to serve 18 months to three years when he pleaded non vult to a statutory charge brought by the parents of a 9-year-old girl.

Roland Greer, of 332 North Second street was given a three months county jail sentence when he entered a guilty plea to a statutory charge, preferred by a 14-year-old girl.

Garry Denney, 1070 Sycamore Street, was fined $100 when he pleaded guilty to breaking into the home of his sister-in-law, Marie Sims, 358 Walnut Street.

Edward Lewis, of 327 Cole Street and Charles Dunn, 611 Mt. Vernon Streets, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the plumbing supply house of the J. D. Johnson Co., Newton Avenue and Division Street, on July 5, and taking a quantity of copper beer coils. They were sentenced to serve six months each.

Two youths who pleaded guilty to tearing fixtures from a Clementon home, were sentenced to serve indefinite terms in Rahway by Judge Shay.

They are Ralph Ernst, 16, of 19 Atlantic Avenue, Clementon, and Frank Medick, 16, of Lucaston.


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