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  • Rex Place

    Rex Place

    Rex Place, a short thoroughfare, extended eastward from the vicinity of 317 North 5th Street, concluding its course at 309 North 6th Street, neatly positioned between Penn and Linden Street.

  • Old Cooper Street

    Old Cooper Street

    Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ.

  • 6th Street

    Sixth Street extends with minimal interruptions from the Delaware River to Morgan Street, spanning virtually the entire length of the city, stretching from North Camden almost all the way south to Gloucester City.

  • Eugene F. Alston

    Eugene F. Alston

    EUGENE F. ALSTON was born October 16, 1919 in Camden to Richard Alston and his wife, the former Dolly Robinson. His father had been born in 1891 in Henderson, North Carolina. Richard Alston was working as a laborer at the Victor Talking Machine Company in June of 1917, and had married. Mr. and Mrs. Alston…

  • David Allaband

    David Allaband

    DAVID ALLABAND was born in New Jersey on September 2, 1912. His father, David S. Allaband, died three months before his birth, and his mother Suzanne passed when he was only four years old. The family had lived in Camden’s Eighth Ward, at 1654 Master Street, in 1910. Besides young David, there were two older…

  • William Abels

    William Abels

    WILLIAM ABELS was born in Pennsylvania around 1839 to Andrew and Sarah Abels. His family was living in Wilmington in 1850. After leaving Wilmington they moved around the country, residing at times in Camden, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Mobile, Alabama. William Abels began working with volunteer fire companies in around 1853 and helped form the first…

  • The Miracle of Easter

    The Miracle of Easter

    Manpower of two Engine Companies get big line into service and give fire “a dash” from the street before attempting interior attack at Fourth Alarm, North 6th & Penn Streets, March 30, 1970.

  • Police Investigate 3 Fires in 4 Hours In One Section

    Police Investigate 3 Fires in 4 Hours In One Section

    Police today are investigating the possibility that three fires Wednesday within a quarter-mile area inside of three hours and 46 minutes were the work of a firebug.

  • Robbery Gang of 4 Given Long Terms

    Robbery Gang of 4 Given Long Terms

    Four members of the notorious North Cramer Hill gang, two of them participants in the robbery in which one bandit was killed after wounding a city detective, were sentenced to state prison terms by Judge Samuel M. Shay yesterday.

  • North Camden Hit by a Great Cyclone; Homes Wrecked

    North Camden Hit by a Great Cyclone; Homes Wrecked

    Two lives will probably be sacrificed, property valued at at least a hundred thousand dollars, was virtually destroyed and the northwest section of the city was laid in ruin when a storm of cyclonic intensity swept over Camden last night. It continued hardly fifteen minutes, but, in that time more havoc was wrought than by…

  • Poths Buy Camden Brewery

    Poths Buy Camden Brewery

    CAMDEN, March 7. – J. C. B. Morley has sold the plant of the Camden City Brewery, occupying a square of ground at Sixth and Fillmore Streets, Camden, to the F. A. Poth & Sons Brewing Co., Inc., of Philadelphia, for a consideration of about $500,000. The sale includes, in addition to the real estate,…

  • News of a Day in the City of Camden

    News of a Day in the City of Camden

    Considerable surprise was manifested in Camden yesterday when it was announced that Anna Turner, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Frank Turner, a prominent builder and contractor, has been marred since January 21 to Louis Voegtlin, formerly of Camden, but now of Trenton. Up until the past few days Miss Turner, who lived with her parents at…