Held in Robbery of Byron P. Cobb

Byron P Cobb - 1933-06-04

Camden Courier-Post – June 6, 1933

Beaten Awning Maker Says $47, Not $4700, Was Taken From Pocket

Three men accused of kidnapping, beating and robbing Byron P. Cobb, 62, of 427 Benson Street, yesterday were held without bail for the grand jury by Police Judge [Garfield S.] Pancoast after they pleaded not guilty.

They gave their names as Premo Fioravanti, 20, of 435 Division Street ; Anthony Scanavelli, 20, of 326 Division Street, and John Piliere, 19, of 1130 South Third Street.

Piliere also was sentenced to 15 days in jail in default of $100 tine when he pleaded guilty to operating an automobile without driver’s or owner’s licenses.

Cobb, who for many years operated an awning business at Fifth and Royden streets and through it became nicknamed “The Sun Doctor,” first told the police he had been robbed of $4700 but yesterday said the amount was only $47.

Cobb was found in a semi-conscious condition lying on River Drive in Farnham Park early Sunday. The suspects, arrested later for a traffic violation, were identified by Cobb at police headquarters, the police said. They are charged with assault and battery, robbery and forcing Cobb into their· machine.

According to Cobb, he was so badly dazed after the attack he could not think clearly. He said he thought he had the $4700, which he drew from a bank to pay a mortgage, but later found it at home. He said he had only about $47.

After the suspects pleaded not guilty through their attorney, C. Lawrence Gregorio, no testimony was taken, but Detective George Zeitz, offered a statement made by Cobb shortly after he was revived.

It read:

“I left home at 8 p. m. Saturday and made three stops before I went to a place at Broadway and Liberty Street. I left there about an hour later and met this man (Fioravanti) at Broadway and Kaighn Avenue. He is the man who asked me to get in the car and told me he would take me home.

“Shortly after that I was hit and I don’t remember any more.

“When I left home at 8 o’clock I had three $500 bills, two $100 bills and three $1000 bills in my vest pocket, loose. When I fell, I heard someone say; ‘Get the money,’ and Primo and another boy with a panama hat got the money from me. I don’t remember any more until I was found by the officers.”


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