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  • George Nowrey

    GEORGE NOWREY was born in Glendon PA, a few miles from Easton, in 1862. His family moved to Camden when he was 11. His brother was Joseph E. Nowrey, Democratic politician from Camden who served as the city’s Mayor from 1902 to 1905. Joseph Nowrey also served as Camden County sheriff. George and Joseph E.…

  • Merchants Trust Company

    Merchants Trust Company

    The Merchants Trust was organized in November of 1911. It was a small bank that catered to Camden’s business community, and was one of many small and medium sized banks active in the 1910s and 1920s. From its founding through his death in 1924 the president of the Merchants Trust was Charles Reynolds. He was…

  • Camden’s Mayors

    Camden’s Mayors

    A compiled list of Camden City Mayors from 1828-2021

  • Joseph E. Nowrey

    Joseph E. Nowrey, born in 1865 in Glendon, Pennsylvania, played a significant role in Camden, New Jersey’s history. His father, Alexander Nowrey, established a dry goods business at 842 Locust Street in Camden before passing away in 1877. Joseph’s mother, Mary, continued running the business after Alexander’s death. Joseph Nowrey’s early career included working as…

  • Democrats Arrange for ‘Maloney Day’

    Democrats Arrange for ‘Maloney Day’

    “Harry L. Maloney Day” will be celebrated by South Jersey Democrats, Sunday, July 9, when the newly-appointed collector of internal revenue will be guest of honor at a picnic at Silver Lake Park. State leaders of the party will attend. Maloney, Democratic state committeeman from Camden County and Mayor of Bellmawr, was named by President…

  • Moore In Camden Speech Demands Fairness at Polls

    Moore In Camden Speech Demands Fairness at Polls

    Camden Courier-Post – October 29, 1931 Demanding a fair election and protection to Democratic voters, A. Harry Moore was greeted here last night by the largest crowd to gather at a Democratic meeting in Camden’s recent history.

  • Democrats to Hold Meetings Tonight

    Camden Courier-Post – October 29, 1931 The campaign foe A. Harry Moore, gubernatorial candidate, and local Democratic candidates, will be carried into six wards of the city and in seven communities or the county tonight.

  • 3 Democratic Rallies Scheduled Tonight

    3 Democratic Rallies Scheduled Tonight

    Camden Courier-Post – October 16, 1931 A combined A. Harry Moore rally and social evening will be conducted by Democratic voters of the Eleventh Ward tonight at the Maennerchor Hall, Twenty-seventh Street below River Avenue. Former Sheriff Joseph E. Nowrey, Mrs. Florence Melnik, Gene Mariano and Assembly candidates, Vincent de P. Costello, William French, Jr.,…

  • More Policemen to go In Camden

    More Policemen to go In Camden

    According to a statement made by a member of the Police Committee of Camden City Council to an Inquirer reporter yesterday, charges will be preferred against a number of Democratic policemen during the week and the resignations of the officers are likely to follow.

  • She Dared Men to Touch the “Pants”

    She Dared Men to Touch the “Pants”

    She had a brazen dare while flourishing a revolver and exclaiming, “I’ll kill the first man who touches those pants; this is fair warning to everybody, for I mean what I say!”

  • In Police Dragnet

    In Police Dragnet

    The Camden police yesterday raided the alleged poolroom at 25 South Third street, where Walter H. Keefer, former manager of the Merchantville Light and Power Company, claims he lost $254, belonging to his employers. Seven-men were captured in the raid, including W. Harry Getty and Charles Metz, who were committed in default of $1500 bail…

  • Before the Recorder

    Before the Recorder

    James Hanley, a sexuageneric found stiff on a step, sentence suspended; Henry Myers, a Trenton corsalve fakir with his nose in court plaster chancery, twenty days for insulting a woman, and James Sharp, a young man fired out of the Sixth ward ball and who then tried to lick Policeman George Anderson, fined $3.75. The…