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  • Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

    Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

    Joint Street, formerly known as Joint Alley, is a one-block street that extends east from South 3rd to South 4th Street, nestled between Spruce and Walnut Streets.

  • Old Cooper Street

    Old Cooper Street

    Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ.

  • Aquinas Club

    Aquinas Club

    The AQUINAS CLUB appears to have been a social club that existed in North Camden prior to World War I. My best guess is that it consisted mostly or entirely of young Catholic men from the Holy Name parish, although there also were a few older members. The club apparently disbanded around 1915.

  • Amanda Alloway

    Amanda Alloway, who was born in New Jersey in November 1843, had a notable life deeply intertwined with the historical tapestry of Camden, New Jersey. She married Joseph Alloway by 1863, and the couple had three children: Charles, born in December 1863, Joseph, born on November 22, 1865, and Ida May, born around 1867. The…

  • 3rd Street

    THIRD STREET runs north and south, parallel to the Delaware River. Several notable buildings are on 3rd Street corners, but carry the east-west street address, such as the Security Trust Building at 301 Market Street, and the Mickle Tower Apartment House, at 200 Mickle Boulevard.

  • George O. Addison

    George O. Addison

    GEORGE OWENS ADDISON, the son of William H. Addison and his wife, the former Pheobe Ann Drew, was born in Gloucester County, New Jersey on December 4, 1853. His family went to North Jersey for a time, and when the 1860 Census was taken lived in Chatham, in Morris County. When the Census was next…

  • Rocco F. Abbott

    Rocco F. Abbott

    ROCCO FRANK ABBOTT was born in Philadelphia on September 21, 1893 to Frank and Maria Abbatto. By 1910 his family had moved to Camden, New Jersey. Rocco Abbott lived with his parents at 910 South 3rd Street. His older brother Antonio, a tailor, lived around the corner at 302 Spruce Street. The 1914 Camden City…

  • Vincent Ariel Tydeman

    Vincent Ariel Tydeman

    VINCENT ARIEL TYDEMAN was a professional baseball player, vaudeville acrobats, born in Camden to Edmund and Sarah Tydeman,.

  • 100 Friends Honor Director Abbott At Birthday Fete

    100 Friends Honor Director Abbott At Birthday Fete

    Camden Courier-Post – June 2, 1950 Public Works Director Abbott had a birthday Thursday and more than 100 of his friends and associates helped him celebrate it at a surprise dinner.

  • Detectives attend Brennan funeral

    Detectives attend Brennan funeral

    Philadelphia Daily News – March 10, 1944 By GEORGE ZACHARIAS As they prepared to take John Brennan on his last ride, Rocco Auletto, known to the fight world as Roxie Allen, was held in $5000 bail for further arraignment next Friday and detectives spread the dragnet for five men believed implicated in the gangland execution…


    Camden Courier-Post – June 1, 1939 Three dismissals, three promotions and four reinstatements and two new hirings were announced yesterday by City Commissioner Henry Magin, director of public works.


    Camden Courier-Post – October 31, 1931 Rallies in the interest of A. Harry Moore, gubernatorial candidate, and local candidates on the Democratic ticket will be conducted tonight in Ashland and in three wards of the city.